Pamela Brunskill is a literacy specialist, developer of educational resources, and writer. Her writing explores how experiences shape us, and she seeks to find truth and hope in all situations. Her work focusing on difficult issues children face has been featured internationally with outlets such as HuffPost, The NY Daily News, and RTÉ Ireland.

Pamela also writes for children on a variety of topics, including flopping frogs, fractured fairy tales, and politically-charged articles for teens. Her books include California’s Complex Water System and Snow Day! A Modern Hansel and Gretel Story, among others.

In addition to writing, Pamela founded Authors and Educators to help authors and publishers develop educational resources for their books, and she has worked with clients such as Lee & Low, Greg Pizzoli, and Virginia Zimmerman. 

For her day job, she works on the education team at the News Literacy Project.

Pamela lives with her family in Western New York, where she is always looking to engage with the larger world.