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  • California’s Complex Water System: Learn about the history of California’s water system with this primary source reader that builds literacy and social studies content knowledge! Primary source documents help students look at the world and current issues with a historical lens, and encourage them to consider bias and the validity and reliability of sources.

  • Information Literacy: Separating Fact from Fiction: This essential professional resource includes everything that teachers need to help students achieve digital literacy, and includes activities and easy-to-use templates to support teachers as they teach the key skills of analyzing and understanding online information.

  • Let’s Get This Day Started: Math Grade 5 and Math Grade 6: The Let’s Get This Day Started series is a quick and easy way to enhance students’ proficiency in the content areas throughout the school year. Designed to be flexible enough for daily or weekly use, choose from various topics organized into themed units. Challenge students to learn and practice a variety of skills and strategies to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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  • Primary Source Readers: California Kit: I developed all of the educator guides for this kit. From the publisher: “This kit helps to build social studies content-area literacy by integrating dynamic primary sources into the classroom! This comprehensive kit uses original documents, maps, photographs, and other materials to engage students in learning the history of California.”

  • “Flopping Frogs,” about the evolution of the tailed frog, is one of the articles I sold to Highlights for Children. I also developed language arts resources to complement the piece.

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