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A Coffee Date at 40: Why Time For Ourselves is Essential

I’ve got a new essay up at today. Anyone who’s approaching or living through middle age and parenting, this one’s for you!

“It’s eight pm on a Saturday night. I’m in the middle of moving from central Pennsylvania to my hometown of Buffalo, New York. The move is part of some big, mid-life changes, and on this particular night, I’m by myself in Buffalo. So I call a…”

If it speaks to you, please share.



1 thought on “A Coffee Date at 40: Why Time For Ourselves is Essential”

  1. I thought that you knew woman look their very best starting at 40. Look at your mom at 50, 60 and even 70. Always the best looker in the room. U have her DNA so beautiful as you are now the future is for even more beauty and that is not only skin deep. U have IT so flaunt it.

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