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Living with uncertainty in the time of the coronavirus

The Buffalo News published one of my essays today. It parallels the country’s reaction to COVID-19 with my daughter’s leukemia diagnosis, and how we can utilize long-term thinking strategies for dealing with the related anxiety.


Living with uncertainty in age of coronavirus

Over the last week, a feeling of apprehension has swept over the country. With the coronavirus infecting thousands of Americans and cities taking drastic measures to slow the spread, citizens rush to combat this pandemic. We scramble for some sense of control, bury our fears and hope that life will soon return to normal.

It won’t.

The current reaction to COVID-19 reminds me of how I felt six years ago when my daughter…

Click here to read the entire piece.

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A Coffee Date at 40: Why Time For Ourselves is Essential

I’ve got a new essay up at today. Anyone who’s approaching or living through middle age and parenting, this one’s for you!

“It’s eight pm on a Saturday night. I’m in the middle of moving from central Pennsylvania to my hometown of Buffalo, New York. The move is part of some big, mid-life changes, and on this particular night, I’m by myself in Buffalo. So I call a…”

If it speaks to you, please share.



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California’s Complex Water System

If you know of a third-seventh grader interested in California’s complex water system, my newest book is available now.


As summarized on Amazon, this book addresses:

Where does California’s water come from? Who are its users? How is water conserved? California has the largest economy and population in the United States, and its limited water supply must meet the demands of many people. Learn about the history of California’s water system with this primary source reader that builds literacy and social studies content knowledge! Primary source documents help students look at the world and current issues with a historical lens, and encourage them to consider bias and the validity and reliability of sources. This leveled text offers instructional opportunities to guide students to increased fluency and comprehension of nonfiction text and is aligned to the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) and other national and state standards.

You can read more about it and view sample pages here. I hope you enjoy it!


News-O-Matic and the Olympics

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Some of you know I write for News-O-Matic, the daily newspaper for kids.

As of 2016, News-O-Matic has 2 million downloads and over a 120,000 daily active readership. It has won several awards, including the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers’ top prize in the Editorial Category for Young Readers. We cover important national and international current events as well as pertinent stories for today’s kids.

I am honored to contribute to this literacy app. If you have or work with kids in K-8, check it out! Many schools use News-O-Matic to teach nonfiction, and many parents have purchased it for their kids to read at home. (You can download a free trial version here or here.) Because we write for kids, our articles are appropriately worded and focused. Plus, you can pick which lexile (reading level) best fits your needs.

Above is one of my recent articles. It features children’s author Jennifer Swanson and her book Super Gear. You can read all about what microscopic science has to do with the Olympics! (If you’d prefer to read it in a pdf, click here.)

I hope you enjoy it!